Treasury Department Memo on Medical Use of Marijuana - September 25, 1915

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T.D. 35719  Drugs Dried flowering tops, pistillate plants of Cannabis  sativa Linne.  Importation thereof denied if intended for other than  medicinal purposes. (Sec. 11, food and drugs act of 1906)

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, September 25, 1915  To collectors and other officers of the customs:

   The Secretary of Agriculture advises the department, under date of  the 20th instant, that some importations of the drug known as the dried  flowering tops of the pistillate plants of Cannabis sativa Linne are being used for purposes other than in the preparation of medicines, and that, unless used in medicinal preparations, this drug is believed to be injurious to health.  He, therefore, recommends that appropriate instructions be issued to customs officers pursuant to the provisions of Section 11 of the food and drugs act approved June 30, 1906, to refuse admission to the said drug unless it is to be used for medicinal purposes.

   Collectors of customs are, therefore, directed to refuse delivery of all consignments of the said drug upon notice from a representative of the Department of Agriculture of the identification thereof in the course of his examination of samples under the provisions of the food and drugs act, unless the importer shall first execute a penal bond conditioned that the drug referred to will not be sold or otherwise disposed of for any purpose other than in the preparation of medicines.  The penalty of the bond shall be in the amount prescribed by the said
section 11 for the redelivery of food and drug products, namely, the full invoice value, together with the duty accruing on the drug in question. 

ANDREW J. PETERS, Assistant Secretary