"Margaret Sanger is responsible, more than anyone else, for keeping alive international racism."
(Drogin, Elasah, Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society)

from: Illinois Right To Life, (http://www.illinoisrighttolife.org)

Margaret Sanger, 1883-1966, the founder of Planned Parenthood of America and honorary president of International Planned Parenthood, edited the American Birth Control League's publication the Birth Control Review.  (Drogin, Elasah.  Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society.   CUL Publications, New Hope KY, 1989. p. 11.)

Sanger played the attractive hostess for racist thinkers all over the world.   Organizing the First World Population Conference in Geneva in 1926, she invited Clarence C. Little, Edward A. East, Henry Pratt Fairchild, and Raymond Pearl -- all infamous racists. (Birth Control Review, November, 1926.)

In 1931 Sanger founded the Population Association of America with Fairchild as its head.  Fairchild, formerly the secretary-treasurer of the American Eugenics Society and the leading academic racist of the decade, wrote The Melting Pot Mistake which denigrated the Jews, referring to them as the inferior new immigrants who would threaten the native Nordic stock. (Allan Chase, The Legacy of Malthus, p. 656.)

Edward A. East, a firm believer in Black inferiority, persuaded Mrs. Sanger to gather information about her clients at her Maternity Research Clinic that went beyond medical histories.  She agreed to include information about the nationality, heredity, and religion of the patients and to make a "judgement" regarding the amount of racial intermixture of the patient, "whether the person was more or less pure Black, mulatto, quadroon, etc." (Linda Gordon, Woman's Body, Woman's Right, p. 287.)

Lothrop Stoddart was on Sanger's board of directors for years.  As previously mentioned, he had a personal interview with Adolf Hitler and was very impressed.  His book, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy, was written while he served on Sanger's board.  Havelock Ellis, one of Sanger's extra-marital lovers, reviewed this abominable book favorably in The Birth Control Review. (Birth Control Review, October, 1920.

In the 20s and 30s Sanger fearlessly carried on with these racists and many others, totally uninhibited.  But when Adolf Hitler poisoned the air by politically carrying out her eugenics schemes, Mrs. Sanger and her crew made some changes.  The term "birth control" had always been associated with eugenics, so the American Birth Control League changed its name to Planned Parenthood.  The racist language changed with it.  Such terms as "good or bad breeding stock" were changed to "class" or "income level". (Linda Gordon, Woman's Body, Woman's Rights, p. 347.)

Eugenics is identical to racism because both believe that there are innately, irreversibly inferior groups of human beings.  Eugenicist-racists believe in the inequality of the races and that by selective breeding the inferior race can be improved -- by "selective breeding" is meant that the inferior breeders of the population are somehow consistently eliminated.

from: Illinois Right To Life, (http://www.illinoisrighttolife.org)